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Shoo fly

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I hate ticks. Is there a word stronger than hate? If there was that’s how I feel about ticks. And growing up in Colorado I had never heard of or experienced black flies till I moved to Maine in 2001. And mosquitoes? They are the Maine state bird! We started working on a formula using all natural products for a bug spray, and realized we need to develop two: one for the skin and one for the clothes. That’s how we came up with our Over/Under Insect Repellent. Whether we're walking on our Boothbay Region Land Trust trails, or relaxing on the deck and needing to keep those flying pests from attacking, this is a well loved duo in our home. Oil based Under should be applied directly to you skin, as a direct barrier. Vinegar based Over is safe for most all fabrics, and serves as first line of defense. And they really do keep ticks away--thank goodness!

Peace, love & herbs,



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