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Peace, love, HEALING, & herbs

In addition to crafting all natural herbal products in our kitchen, I am a massage therapist--and work with a lot of clients in pain. I really wanted to provide them with something they could take home to help them recover quickly from their injuries and provide pain relief.

This was the very first salve I made with CBD. I used my favorite herbs for assisting in rapid recovery of injuries, and then add in CBD for ultimate pain relief. I decided not to add any essential oils to this. Not only because I love the light herbal smell it already has, but also because some people are very sensitive to scents and essential oils--it honestly packs enough punch with the infused herbs and CBD.

I really like to use this on burns, sunburns, injured/torn muscles, ligaments and bones. I don’t suggest using it on fresh open wounds because it will assist in the skin growing back so fast, it could trap in bacteria. Be sure to keep those wounds super clean!

Peace, love & herbs,


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