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Beyond breathing easy

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Breathe Easy is a combination of essential oils and herbs that gives this product so many uses. When we first started to develop Breathe Easy, it was going to be just a vapor rub… but then we figured there are so many uses for the herbs and oils, we decided to make this super packed salve an All-In-One! It is amazing at opening your sinuses, but also combined with the power of cannabidiol (CBD) it works wonders on sore muscles, and inflamed skin.

The number 1 feedback we’ve received from use of this product is how much it helps those suffering from psoriasis. I’ve receives phone calls from astonished customers regarding how much this has helped them or someone they know. I even had a customer drive 3 hours to buy some for her mother who suffers from terrible back pain. I feel truly grateful for these products, we have poured so much thought and love into, are helping so many…

Peace, love & herbs,



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