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WS Om Shanti Candle

WS Om Shanti Candle


Using only natural and pure ingredients, we've blended together citrus, patchouli, ylang ylang, and spice to help bring you to your most zen of places. Handpoured in small batches, our Om Shanti candle brings a grounding balance to your mental and physical space.  All of our candles are made of coconut wax not only for its clean burning, but also for it's ability to fill a room with scent.

Artwork by Rachael Marie Sloat

  • Ingredients

    COCONUT WAX, ESSENTIAL OILS....yup...that's it!

  • Quotable

    May all beings have happiness, may all be free from sorrow, may all have equanimity without attachment or aversion, and live believing in the equality of all that live.

    Buddhist Prayer

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