Pet Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD)

Pet Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD)


If you enjoy the benefits of CBD, why shouldn't your pet?! Perfect for aging, achy joints, and overall pet wellness! 1,000 milligrams in one fluid ounce of light protected coconut oil!  Full spectrum CBD brings balance to the mind and body, even for your four legged friends.  Full spectrum extracts all of the natural chemicals in the hemp plant, rather than isolating just one, so they can work together effectively in bringing you to homeostasis.


Proceeds from the sales of this oil, help support Action for Animals Maine.


Contains less than 0.3% THC

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  • Tip from the Kitchen!

    While most add CBD to their regime by taking orally under the tongue, if the taste is not for you, feel free to add your CBD dose to a small glass of juice, or mix it in with one of your meals!