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Burn baby burn

Ok- here's the dealio on coconut wax candles: They smell AH-MAZING when lit! They put off a creamy, yummy, comforting scent… and they “throw” the scent further into a room space than any other wax.

The coconuts are collected from trees which are grown in their natural environment... there is no use of pesticides or fertilizers, and of course, non GMO!

We only use pure essential oils for added scent and eco friendly wicks.

Right now we have 3 options--and are so excited for their new labels coming out soon, featuring artwork done by 3 local artists. Beautiful!! I cant wait to post them on the website!

Maine Woods Yep, smells like spruce trees, reminds me of camp--LOVE it!

Rocky Coast Lavender, Mint, Eucalyptus… I find this scent to be so very tranquil…

Om Shanti Patchouli, citrus, floral… So meditative and grounding.

These candles are hand poured in small batches, with lots of attention, intention, and love, knowing that they're going into your homes.

Peace, love & herbs,



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